Emmanuel Ávila 

"Music is a serious matter" 

What is music?

In my opinion , music is one of the biggest human and universal mysteries of all time.

The harmonic series, that great discovery from Occident, from which most of our music has been created, was already here, before the humans and before the dinosaurs or the earth formation itself. Those sounds exist at least since the big bang because they are a physical and mathematical phenomenon and mathematics born with the universe creation, or even before.

Having said that, it is necessary an intelligent life form to obtain those sounds because they will show only with a regular structure such a piano string or a column of air passing across a trumpet.

Since that phenomenon was discovered, humanity has been exploring the infinite possibilities of construction. From J.S.Bach to the Beatles, from Beethoven to John Williams, there have been thousands of composers, but only a few have created languages that have changed our world.

So, what is music? Music is a language. A universal language that we have just discovered 500 years ago and that can transmit metaphysical ideas such as the poetry. So, is not a facts language but a metaphorical one, and to understand it, if that is possible somehow, we first need to investigate what our ancestors have achieved on this science. From there, we need to submerge ourselves into what I call "The sea of uncertain".

I do not see myself just as a musician but as a scientist as well, that understand just one thing: Music has an intelligent life form origin; for that we need to find that origin by investigating and decomposing all the elements and then building new structures that could transmit new and deeper metaphorical ideas. 


Pianist graduated with a degree in Piano at the National University of Costa Rica in 2013 under the tutelage of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski, M.M Ludmila Melzer and M.M Luis Monge.

Since 2004 he has played in the main theaters of Costa Rica, both as a soloist or as a guest musician. He has also played as a soloist with the Municipal Bands of Alajuela and Cartago.

In 2014 he made a concert tour in Guatemala as a companion of the children's entertainment choir. He is also invited to perform a recital-conference at the School of Music of San Luis, Petén.

In 2008, he won second place in the contest: THE BRADSHAW & BUONO INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION, so he was invited to perform that same year at the Kosciuszko Foundation in New York.

He has also worked as a piano accompanist at the University of Costa Rica, Turrialba headquarters and as a piano teacher in the pre-university program of the National University.